Top 10 Worst Cities In America

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is not just the worst city but the most dangerous city in America. The city has been through a lot in recent years.

Oakland, California

Famous as one of the most incredible cities, it may shock you to see it on the list of worst cities.

Mendota, California

Mendota is home to around 13,000 people. However, Mendota has high poverty which is 49%. According to many surveys.

Florida city, Florida

This city is known as the most dangerous in the entire state. It has the highest rate of violent crimes and also property crimes.

Makaha, Hawaii

Makaha is the worst city in the entire state of Hawaii. Makaha is not added to this list due to the high crime or poverty rate.

Cleveland, Ohio

However, in recent years new policies by the government have led to reducing violence. Since then, the city has developed a lot.

St. Louis, Missouri

You should be a bit careful and alert while walking down the streets of St. Louis. and the third-highest rate of murders.

Little Rock, Arkansa

The city of Little Rock had a high rate of property crimes before 2000 but has seen a decline since then.

Baltimore, Maryland

The danger of living in Baltimore is known by everyone. The crime rate may be taking a dip but is still very high.

Rockford, Illinoi

Rockford is the third-largest city on American soil. The reason it is in the top 10 is due to some reasons.

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