Top 10 Strongest Bladers In Beyblade Ranked

Shu Kurenai

 I think Shu Kurenai is the best with Free Diamond State la vine, each of them area unit the simplest, however, Kurenai is thus artistic along with her technique.

Valt Aoi

He is the strongest character. He additionally did not use his aerial boost. He additionally did not use any of his special moves still he's thus sturdy.

Lui Shirosagi

It's Lui. that is all I ought to ought to say. he is the sole antagonist to ever win at the top of the story, beating Valt, Shu, etc.

Xander Shakadera

Xander is buff. Xander is robust. He beat a hundred bladers take a look at it. Valt wasn't ready to do this. He simply beat Tiger.

Wakiya Murasaki

Wakiya is here as a result of Surge he beat Aiger, Ranjiro, and Dante. Dante was on his team even.

Free de la Hoya

He is not solely no.1 in world rankings however he's additionally a cool and best Beyblade character within the Beyblade series.

Ken Midori

His means of golf stroke puppets of his voice are cool! Whenever he talks it's like everybody can die which makes ME laugh!

Aiger Akabane

I LOVE AIGER he's thus cool and my gosh World Health Organization cannot love him. I am with great care galvanized by him and His bey strongest.

Daigo Kurogami

Daigo {is sturdy|is robust|is powerful} however not as strong because of the remainder of these bladers, He was additionally ready to amend his destiny with an associate aerial double strike.

Quon Limon

I think he's thus sensible and funny and smart at styles of stuff and he's terribly handsome. Bro his bey is legit, associated he's an OP skateboarder!

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