Top 10 Orange Cat Breeds In The World


You’ll find a fluffy cat breed that loves to snuggle, a cat that looks like a tiny tiger, a rare cat breed.


They are technically a hybrid cat, meaning they are the offspring of a domestic cat bred with a wildcat, the Asian leopard cat.


“Abys,” which date all the way back to ancient Egypt, are one of the oldest known orange cat breeds.

Maine Coon

While some cats hate water, that’s not the case for these big fluffy but not stuffy kitties.

Turkish Angora

Total extroverts, they’ll charm and bring out the smiles of even the stiffest partygoer.

Egyptian Mau

They greet you at the door, drop a toy at your feet as a subtle hint for playtime, and even “talk” to get your attention.

Devon Rex

These kitties are known for their slim bodies, narrow faces, and pointy ears, giving them an endearing pixie-like quality.

Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk is a broad-faced, stocky, solidly framed kitty with curly whiskers and a thick curled coat.

British Shorthair

It is over-the-top adorable with those big dreamy eyes, round heads, and stocky bodies.

American Bobtail

A genuine cat burglar, the American Bobtail loves to swipe shiny objects, so guard your twinkling trinkets.

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