Top 10 Most Expensive Chocolate in India

Ferrero Rocher

Undoubtedly the ultimate choice for one who loves to spend more on expensive chocolates to relish exotic flavors.

Amul India 

The unique taste of this chocolate is because of the cocoa sourced directly from the Karavali region of South Karnataka.


It is totally handcrafted using exotic ingredients to help immerse you in a multi-sensorial experience like never before.

Cadbury Dairy Milk 

Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate never makes you forget to celebrate every small and big joyful occasion.


Nestle KitKat Dessert Delight has attracted people's attention the most. It is a completely cream-caramel wafer bar coated.

Hershey's Chocolate

Hershey's Kisses are purely made of creamy, delicious chocolates wrapped for your near and dear ones.

Lindt Excellence 

The chocolate contains the essence of 85% of cocoa beans without being too bitter and too overpowering.


This is enriched with antioxidants, making them ideal for those looking for low sugar or sugar-free chocolate alternatives.


Lotte chocolates are some of the most loved chocolates with a lip-smacking taste for sweet tooth lovers.


The manufacturing facilities are located in Karnataka, It's locally to maintain the original chocolate taste.

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