Top 10 Most Dangerous Snakes In The World

Inland taipan 

Inland Taipan is the most potent snake in the world and considered as world's most venomous snake.

Coastal taipan   

The coastal taipan or the taipan is the world's most venomous snake. It is a member of the elapidae family of snakes.

  King cobra  

King Cobra is the most dengerous snake in the world. King cobra Snake the deadliest snake in the world.

 Banded krait  

Banded krait is a species of viperine snake found in India.It is one of the most venomous snake in the world..

Saw-scaled viper  

The saw-scaled viper is one the world's most dangerous snakes. It's not just one of the most venomous snakes.

  Russell's viper 

The Russell's Viper is currently the world's most venomous snake. It is a native to numerous countries in South Asia.

Eastern tiger snake 

The eastern tiger snake is the most dangerous snake in the world, this snake can be found in the region of Australia.


Boomslang, a venomous snake of the family Colubridae, one of the few colubrid species that is decidedly dangerous to humans.


Fer-de-Lance is a venomous snake found widely in the tropics Americas. It is among the most dengerous snakes in the world.

Black mamba 

They have a quick-strike bite and can move at a speed of nine metres per second, which is faster than any other snake in the world..

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