Top 10 Most Beautiful Lizards Around The World

Rhinoceros Iguana

The perissodactyl common iguana may be a vulnerable species of lizard found on the island of island.

Flying Gecko

Flying geckos square measure found in Asia Continent, particularly in the Republic of India, Indonesia, Southern Kingdom of Thailand, and Singapore.

Parson's Chameleon

The Parson’s chameleon is the largest chameleon in the world in terms of weight. it's found within Madagascar.

Reticulate Gila Monster

The reticulate Heloderma suspectum is found principally in the United Mexican States and also the USA, in deserts and rocky areas.

Thorny Dragon

Thorny dragon is generally found in Australian deserts. It grows up to 20cm with a period of between fifteen to sixteen years.

Komodo Dragon

is the largest acknowledged species of lizard. it's found on the Indonesian islands of Komodo, Rinca, and Gili Motang.

Rock Agama

The Rock Agamas square measure is found in most sub-Saharan countries. they're unremarkably 13-30cm long with the males.

Armadillo Lizard

The edentate girdled lizards inhabit the desert and semi-desert regions, principally the western coast of an African country.

Marine Iguana

Marine Iguanas square measure lizards found solely on the island of the South American nation, with every island hosting marine iguanas.

Tokay Gecko

The Tokay lizard may be a nocturnal vertebrate that belongs to the genus Gekko. it's largely found within the continent of Asia.

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