Top 10 Most Beautiful House in The World

Dracula Palace, Romania

The Dracula House is a beautiful castle designed to be a replica of the one in the novel.

Updown Court, UK

In the South Downs National Park, Eastbourne is the most beautiful house in the world.

Antilia, India

The word Antilia is derived from the Roman clan name Anthony and the word Himalaya.

Villa Leopolda, France

Located at Cap d’ Antibes, in the south of France, in 1902.

South Coogee, Australia

The visionary behind this construction was George Taylor., a self-made millionaire.

Versailles – Florida, US

The building is located at the famous Place des Vosges in the city’s fourth arrondissement.

The Manor, California

The Modern Manor is made out of concrete and redwood and was completed in 1959.

Starwood Estate, Aspen

It is the place where the stars and the super-rich come to play. The price tag is $200 million.

Clifton 2A, Cape Town

It is a tall building that has enough space for people to work, live and relax.

One Hyde Park Penthouse, UK

it has been decorated with inspiration from the Gordon Russell Designs Ltd.

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