Top 10 Largest Birds In The World

Common ostrich

Males of the species Struthio camelus can reach a whopping 2.75 tall. These flightless birds are incredible runners.

Somali ostrich

Once believed to be a subspecies of the common ostrich, Struthio molybdophanes was confirmed as a separate species in 2014.

Southern cassowary

The southern cassowary (Casuarius Casuarius) is only slightly larger than its cousin, the northern cassowary.

Northern cassowary

Like other species of cassowary, Casuarius unappendiculatus is a flightless bird. After being laid by a female.


Of the four surviving members of the family Casuariidae, three are cassowaries, and the fourth is the emu.

Emperor penguin

This iconic species can stand as tall as 115cm and weigh up to 46kg. Aptenodytes forsteri will trek up to 120km.

Greater rhea

This grassland-dwelling species, Rhea americana, is omnivorous. As well as plants, it likes to eat grasshoppers, lizards, and frogs.

Lesser rhea

Rhea pennata is also known as Darwin's rhea after the naturalist studied the species on his second voyage on the Beagle.

Mute swan

Despite its name, the mute swan (Cygnus olor) is a vocal bird, though its voice is quieter than other species.

Dwarf cassowary

Living in forests on hills and mountains up to 3km high, Casuarius bennetti is the smallest of the three species.

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