Top 10 Largest Beach in The World Ranked

Praia do Cassino Beach, Brazil

Known to be the longest sand in the world, this oceanfront stretches for 157- country miles from the Rio Grande.

Padre Island, Texas

This sand is about 113 country miles long and is known for being one of the world’s longest drivable strands.

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

This sand distinguishes being the world’s longest‘ natural ocean’ sand, stretching across 93 country miles.

Ninety Mile Beach, Australia

At just over ninety country miles, this is beautiful Australian sand dotted with fascinating littoral municipalities.

Playa Novillero Beach, Mexico

It's stretching for almost 90 kilometers and measures almost half a kilometer (a third of a mile) wide.

Gulpiyuri Beach, Asturias, Spain

It is an inland beach, without a direct outlet to the sea. It consists of white sand and seawater.

Playa Colomitos, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Colomitos is one of the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta with its combination of seclusion.

Lovers Beach, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Known as Playa del Amor, or Lover's Beach, this tiny little spit of secluded sands.

Covelong Beach

Covelong is one of the most serene strands of the state and is notorious for its fishing conditioning.

Marina Beach

Marina Beach is a natural urban beach in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, along the Bay of Bengal.

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