Top 10 Best Tarantula Species to Keep as Pets

Mexican Red-Knee

The Mexican red-knee is often the first pet for spider enthusiasts, they're quite docile, and typically are easy to handle.

Chilean Rose

A typical burrowing spider, the Chilean rose requires a warm, humid environment and is known to be quite calm.

Costa Rican Zebra

Costa Rican zebras are calm, ground-dwelling tarantulas that can move very fast.

Mexican Redleg

The recommended temperature range for this species is 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit with 65 to 70 per cent humidity.

Honduran Curly Hair

Also referred to as the curly hair or wooly tarantula, this spider is very hardy, slow-moving, and fast-growing.

Pink Zebra Beauty

This hardy beginner spider is often confused with a slightly larger species known as the Chaco golden knee.

Pink Toe

The tree-loving spider needs roughly a 10-gallon tank with some height that's outfitted with branches and some items for climbing.

Brazilian Black

The females of this species can live around 20 years with the males at around 5 years.

Mexican Red Rump

Mexican red rump tarantulas are generally docile and slow-moving, females live around 15 years with the males 5-6 years.

Desert Blonde

Mexican or desert blonde tarantulas still make a good option for people with limited arachnid experience.

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