Top 10 Anime Heroes Who Have Nothing To Lose

Misa Amane Could Never Get Light's Love

Misa's life was shattered when a criminal murdered both of her parents, and Misa felt that she only had Kira.

Ryota Suzui Lets Yumeko Do The Gambling

The wild gambling heroine Yumeko Jabami steals the spotlight time and again in Kakegurui.

Ragdoll Lost Her Quirk & Her Career

Ragdoll lost her useful Quirk, her pro-hero status, and even her hero costume.

Naofumi Iwatani Lost Everything At First

the isekai protagonist Naofumi Iwatani later formed a team of friends, giving him something to lose after all.

Odin/Hina Sato Had Nothing At First

the pink-haired Hina Sato, calling herself Odin, had something to lose.

Thorfinn Karlsefni Only Sought Vengeance

he still had a caring mother and older sister back home in Iceland.

Two-Hands Revy Wanders Aimlessly

It's true that the female gunslinger Revy has a small crew to call her own.

At First, Kenshiro Merely Wandered Alone 

Kenshiro the shonen hero may have inspired the design of both Guts and Jonathan Joestar.

Saitama Has Almost Nothing To Prove

The caped baldy superhero, Saitama, has little to lose except his reputation as a hero who's rising in the ranks.

For A Time, Guts Only Had Revenge

During certain story arcs, the mighty seinen swordsman Guts did have something to lose.

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