Discover The Most offbeat Places in South India

Looking for the best offbeat places in South India for travel? This article is for you. Here we have listed the South’s 10 most offbeat places for you.

South India is a land of extremism. It is almost impossible to choose from the sheer variety of options available. The South also holds the most offbeat and interesting places. Here is a list of the 10 most offbeat places you can visit in South India.

List of Discover The Most Offbeat Places in South India

Discover The Most Offbeat Places in South India
Discover The Most Offbeat Places in South India

From the above title, you all can understand what we will discuss here. It is exciting for people to discover different offbeat places but it will be more enjoyable. It is exciting for people to discover different offbeat places but it will be more enjoyable. So keep reading the article to know about some South Indian offbeat places in the world.

#1. Thalassery – City Of Seven Hills

Thalassery – City Of Seven Hills

Thalassery is a quaint and beautiful town in the Kannur district of Kerala. It is one of the largest cities in North Malabar. A small town in Kerala called Thalassery is a must-visit. The town of seven hills and beaches has much to offer visitors and There are plenty of places for tourists to explore.

#2. Tharangambadi – Danish History

Tharangambadi – Danish History

Tharangamabadi is a small beach town in the Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu. Traveling to this place over the years is an interesting place that is our inspiration. Where you can find more than 500 years of history and tradition. Tranquebar of this is the site of the best-known settlement of the Danes in the 16th century.

#3. Pollachi – Untapped Destination

Pollachi – Untapped Destination

Pollachi is not a popular tourist destination in South India. Pollachi city has a lot of history and culture to offer. It is a small locality located in Andhra Pradesh, about 150 km from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It has many adventures for adventurers and many things to do and see for tourists. The place is mostly famous for temples and waterfalls.

#4. Badami – Historical Ruins

Badami – Historical Ruins

The Badami caves of Karnataka are a very interesting place to visit in the south. Badami is a small village that attracts tourists for its historic caves. It was the first capital of the Chalukya dynasty and important to the Badami Chalukkas. Badami has been given many features as a travel destination.

#5. Nagarhole – Wildlife And National Parks

Nagarhole – Wildlife And National Parks

Nagarhole National Park is a must-see for any wildlife enthusiast. Nagarhole is one such destination located in the beautiful state of Karnataka. The word Nagarahole can be divided into two parts: Nagara means snake, and Hol is the younger forest. Nagarhole is one of the most visited places in the world. There are countless places to visit in and around this park that you just need to plan your trip.

#6. Devbagh Beach – Beautiful Beach

Devbagh Beach – Beautiful Beach

Devbagh Beach beach is a beautiful beach located in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. It has a resort that can provide you with a private island. This beautiful place is a quiet getaway from the busy lifestyle and a perfect place to get lost in its serenity and peace.

#7. Araku Valley – Splendid Views

Araku Valley – Splendid Views

Araku Valley, part of the Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh, offers magnificent views of the entire ghats and the western coast. And the Araku valley is one of the places to visit. Its green hills, dense forests, and diverse wildlife are a paradise for enthusiasts and trucking lovers. On reaching the destination, one can enjoy the wonderful view of Araku Valley.

#8. Gandikota – Panoramic Views

Gandikota – Panoramic Views

Gandikata is located in Tui village of Kadapa district in Andhra Pradesh. Apart from these beautiful gorges, the highlight of the village is the 13th-century Gandikata Fort. There are many places where travelers can experience serenity and tranquility with nature. Explore locations here and know about places to visit near Gandikata.

#9. Belum Caves – Intricate Caves

Belum Caves – Intricate Caves

Belum Caves are a series of intricately carved caves located in Marais, Kerala. The name of this place is ‘Shanmuga’ which means eternal beauty. This cave is 4.8 km from Tirupparankundram town. This cave’s specialty is its Buddhist and Hindu heritage, which contains many treasures.

#10. Skandagiri Hills – Night Treks

Skandagiri Hills – Night Treks

The Skandagiri Hills, also known as the Elephant Hills, is located near the town of Gudalur in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu. This place is now opened for trekking by the forest department, the only place where night trekking is allowed. These hills are known for their beautiful scenery and night sky. Sara bissher manush paharer upore tarar mitmit kore dekhte ase.

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We hope you’ve found the most offbeat places to explore in the world, and you’ll find lots of places to photograph here. Comment if you like any of these 10 places. If you have any questions, you can solve the problem with any method. Thank you.

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